Jim and Lynn – Coventry, RI

We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with you folks. Our friend Betsy, couldn’t stop talking about the horseback ride on the prairie. Nice of you folks to accommodate her.  Lynn and I wish you all the best of luck in the future. You all are truly great representatives of the Big Sky country.


Loretta – Kentucky

We had a wonderful time with you all at the cookout.  Happy Pappy and company were great along with the food! From the time we saw you and the wagon; I think Dad was just blown away (no pun intended)! He was so tickled with the horseback ride he could hardly talk about anything else.  We have told everyone about the cookout and how if they ever get out there, they need to go.  We would love to come back given the chance and sit around the campfire hearing stories and more songs.  Please thank everyone again for providing us with a great finish to a wonderful time in Montana!!

 Struntz Family – MN

We wanted to thank you so much for the fun filled day.  Our vacation was 10 days and the day you planned for us was definitely our finest.  It is a day me and my family will always remember everybody was so nice to us and the day just flew by.  Breakfast was awesome and it w. dinner was fantastic and the pow wow was so much fun.